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Real currency instead of complicated points.
1-Click redemption at checkout.


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Engagement Rate

When switching from traditional points based loyalty programs to store credits with real currency, our customers see up to 50% higher engagement rates.

Store Credits for Purchases

By strategically using hints like Cashback (e.g., 5% Store Credit on purchases) we increase the add-to-cart rate and reduce cart abandonment.

At the same time, we incentivize repeat purchases with the first order.


Repeat Purchase Rate


Conversion Rate

The setup was quick and easy,
and we've already seen a significant increase in CLV!
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- Babossa BBQ

Store Credits for Returns

High return rate? Transform returns into new sales!

Let customers choose between cash- or credit refunds and offer them a bonus for choosing store credits.

This increases the likelihood of them choosing your store for their next purchase instead of the store of your competitor.


Conversion in Emails

When mentioning a customers credit balance Emails, average conversion rates increase by more than 24%.

Store Credits for Reviews

Want more reviews?

Integrate memberr with your review app and automatically reward customers for leaving reviews.

Choose a different reward for each type of review. For example, offer $1 for a text review, $3 for a photo review and $5 for a video review.


Increase in Reviews

With memberr we've elevated our retention game
to the Champions League!
- T1tan

Store Credits for Delivery delays

Turn critical service events like delivery delays into positive experiences.

Compensate customers for delayed delivery and watch customer satisfaction rise.


Redemption at Checkout

Stop frustrating customers with complex reward redemption systemsand let customers redeem their credits with one click at checkout.

Individual Settings for VIP-Tiers

Set additional tiers with exclusive rewards and benefits for your top customers.

  1. - Early access to new products
  2. - Birthday surprise
  3. - Free product added to each order
  4. - Increased cashback
  5. - Free shipping
  6. - Higher Cashback for specific product categories

and much more...

Why did we waste our time and money
on a points based program?
- Every new customer

Store Credits for Referrals

Turn your own customers into real salespeople. By using real credits, customers experience a direct and tangible reward for their referrals!


CLTV of Referring Customer


AOV of Referred Customer


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Customer Lifetime Value


Conversion Rate


Repeat Purchase Rate


Return on Investment

Plug & Play Software

No Programming Required

With our plug & play software, you can create a tailored solution with a seamless UX for your customers. All with just a few clicks - no programming knowledge necessary.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Together with some of the largest online shops, we implement successful loyalty programs with store credits.

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New with us:

T1TAN is one of the largest online sports equipment retailers in Europe with over 350,000 customers.

In a few weeks, the Loyalty 2.0 program will go live in 13 countries, elevating the retention game to the Champions League.

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With more than 6.000 items sold each year, ackerbaum is one of the largest family owned online retailers for garden and home products in Germany.

Due to the seasonal nature of the business, and corresponding long sales cyles, ackerbaum needed a cheaper and more effective way to retain and re-activate customers.

Periodically sending out newsletters with small amounts of Store-Credits proved to be most effective.


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Founder-Level Support

When we work together, we do it right.
We offer founder-level support via WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, etc.
One-on-one support at founder level!